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What is

Managerial Greatness?

Be more than good. Be great.

If you've ever worked for someone else, you know how much that person impacts your experience.

We don't need research (although it exists) to confirm what we experience on a daily basis. While we're familiar with toxic bosses who make unrealistic demands, behave radically and disrespect their team members, we don't often lift up managers who empower others, invest in and support their growth, and cultivate human flourishing in the workplace.

Managerial greatness is embracing your power to positively impact your team members and the business.  

It's unleashing the potential of those around you.

It's recognizing that not everything is about leadership,

because sometimes what's needed most, is really great management.

How You Can Help

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In Depth Interview: I'm gathering research for my upcoming book and would love to learn more about your great manager. Sign up for a 45 minute interview with me, Mamie. The interviews are confidential and any stories with attribution will be approved by you. 

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